Want to sharpen your appearance in 2021?

Great packaging gets buyers pumped about your product before they even open it. It’s one of the first touchpoints of a prospect and helps you stand out from the competition.

Ready to go? Here are just a few creative (yet functional!) designs to consider this year.

Packaging with a Story

Consumers want more than a product.

They want to be part of a story. Studies have revealed that people are impacted by emotions rather than information when making brand decisions, so sharpen your narrative and weave compelling stories into your designs.

Consider the example of Paper Boat, a brand of traditional Indian beverages headquartered in Bengaluru. This brand seeks to evoke tradition and memory with a product that’s more than a beverage – but something with “nostalgia in every sip.”

In a sea of similar tetra pack cartons, Paper Boat packaging leaps off the shelf with its pear-shaped flexible pouch. The design evokes a bright, unconventional theme with bold, playful fonts. This heart-warming vibe is paired with a creative one-liner on the bottom of the pack, bringing a quirky personalization builds a strong connection with customers and keeps them coming back.

Name-Centric Labels

When you want your brand to stick, why not put the name front and center?

Instead of making an illustration or logo the packaging’s focal point, many designers choose to make a product’s name the star of their designs. These concepts have lots of fun with lettering, allowing the featured name to leave a confident, edgy impression.

Each name feels like an artwork, bringing a stand-alone sophistication that speaks for itself.

Beautiful Boxes

Today’s customers are starved for new experiences, and a clever unboxing experience can provide the fun factor people want.

‘Unboxing’ is just what it sounds like: the action of taking something out of a box. But it’s also much more than that. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be 1.6 million videos on YouTube devoted to it, with popular channels drawing in as many as 2.4 billion views. It might be odd-sounding, but it’s a fantastic niche that’s growing by 57% per year!

A stellar unboxing experience will boost your content marketing efforts, drive engagement, increase sales, and enhance customers’ opinions of your product. Need ideas? Check out companies like Birchbox or Thrive Market to inspire your next masterpiece.

Limited Edition or Collectible Series

If you want products to fly off the shelves, try packaging them as a gorgeous collection.

Good Flower Farm, which specializes in organic, plant-based skincare products, does this masterfully. Richly-colored earthy labels adorn each item, and combinations (in a design series) make a beautiful decoration for the bathroom, yoga studio, or vanity of your favorite tree-hugger. The deodorant set features jewel-toned packaging for lavender tea tree, pine cedarwood, or charcoal citrus. Why choose just one when you could have all three?

To stimulate impulse buying, change up your labels series each year. These quirky and attractive limited editions trigger spontaneous collectors and an urgency to buy.

They WILL Judge a Book by its Cover

As tempting as it is to think ourselves rational, logical individuals, the truth is that human beings make snap judgments when it comes to packaging.

If you want to increase the emotional attachments customers have with your business, start with pristine packaging. From a dash of color on your envelope to a gorgeous label on your containers, exterior branding can be part of any business budget.

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